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mkProject takes the trace XML file generated from the Trace tool, and creates Visual C++ (VC9) project files from it. (if the trace was watching a program being compiled)

mkProject [options] <path\to\logfile.xml>

    --help                      this help
    --nologo                    don't display the logo
    --load-config=<configfile>  loads options from configuration file
                                List the options, one per line, without the
                                prefix '--'.

    --project-root              the root directory of all activity to monitor.
                                this assumes everything not in here is system
                                or compiler related, and will be filtered out
                                for purposes of identifying targets/objs

    --create-solution=<file>    creates a solution file that contains all of
                                projects updated and/or created

    --rename=[<orig>]<chgd>     renames the project from <orig> to <chgd>
    --ignore=<project>          ignores this project when generating files
    --redirect=<file1>,<file2>  during log analysis, changes <file1> to <file2>

    --project-templates=<path> *sets directory to find the template projects
    --output-directory=<path>  *sets directory to generate the projects into
    --prefix=<prfx>            *adds the prefix <prfx> to the project name
    --ignore-library=<file>    *ignores a given file as a linker input.
    --add-library=<file>       *adds an additional library to the linker input.
    --add-dependency=<proj>    *adds a sibling project as an input dependency
                                can also be a project GUID in the template SLN.
    --ignore-source=<file.obj> *ignores the source file, drops from the link
    --skip-source=<file.obj>   *doesn't add the source file to the project,but
                                still links it in the target.

    --ignore-command=<rx>       ignores commands in the log matching regex
    --post-build-command=<rx>  *assigns command as post-build step
    --pre-link-command=<rx>    *assigns command as pre-link step
    --pre-build-command=<rx>   *assigns command as pre-build step

    --dry-run                   does not save the project files at the end.
    --recreate-projects         recreates the vcproject files from scratch.
    --reset-libraries           resets the library definitions
    --reset-include-paths       resets the include paths
    --reset-library-paths       resets the library paths
    --reset-defines             resets the preprocessor definitions
    --clean-files               removes all the existing files from the project
    --preserve-propertysheets   preserves inherited property sheets during

    --add-propertysheets=<sht> *adds a InheritedPropertySheet to the project
                                with substitutions:
                                    $MACHINETYPE    -- x86 or x64
                                    $CONFIGURATION  -- Release or Debug
                                    $EXTENSION      -- dll, exe or lib

          Options marked with an * may specify a [project] before the
          argument to narrow the application of the option to only that
          project. [project] is evaulated as a regular expression.
                (ie: --pre-build-command=[.*openssl]ml.exe )

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