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I wrote this pretty quick-and-dirty, but it works for me--with the exception
of some odd failures when there is a Unicode character in the path of a file
being transmitted.

I wrote this specifically for VisualSVN, it has code in it that sets up the
configuration for you, and rewrites a few requests so the web interface
works right.

Just install VisualSVN server on port 8080 (no SSL!!!)

Fixes/comments/yada-yada-yada welcome.

Installing SvnReverseProxy
1. Copy the two files into the VisualSVN install directory.
(really, it can be anywhere, but why be difficult)
mine is : "c:\program files (x86)\VisualSVN Server\bin"

2. From the command line, switch to the directory you unpacked the files:
    cd "c:\program files (x86)\VisualSVN Server\bin"

3. Run the service install tool:
   C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\InstallUtil.exe SvnReverseProxy.exe

3. Edit the SvnReverseProxy.exe.config file is in XML, it's pretty easy to see
what goes where.

SVNHostName : localhost
// put the host name here. If you're using HTTPS for IIS (which you are if
// you are using Windows Home Server, put the DNS name here)

SVNPort : 8080
// the port you installed VisualSVN Server on. Don't use the secure port
// for this.

ListenPrefix : http://*
// just don't touch this one, unless you really know why.

VisualSVNDir : c:\program files (x86)\VisualSVN Server\
// the location you installed VisualSVN Server to.

SVNPrefix : svn/
// the prefix to expose SVN via IIS...
// the above value would let you use
// I've not tested with anything else

inlineRewrites : svnindex.xsl,(href|src)="/(^/*)",$1="/svn/$2"
// if you for some reason change the SVNPrefix, you need to tweak this setting
// where it says "/svn/" change it to whatever the prefix is.
// it uses that to do some internal translation of paths.

4. Start the server:
    net start SvnReverseProxy

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scottchantry Oct 14, 2013 at 11:55 PM 
Doesn't seem to work with SVN 1.8 client.

MLaritz Feb 17, 2010 at 12:44 AM 
Is there a way to use this utility so I can have resolve to my SVN repository?