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Project Description
gsToolkit is an assortment of tools for developers:

Documentation for these tools will appear over the next few days

Trace - Watches a process and it's children, logging information about every file read or written, and every command line issued. (C++)
mkProject - Creates .vcproj (Visual C++ 9) Project Files for source code, given a Trace file generated from a successful build. (C#)
WebWalker - Walks a local webapp, recording information about the links, forms and cookies that the application can use. (C#)
SynthFastCGI - a host for testing FastCGI responders (like, php-cgi) making them think they are running under IIS, but scriptable. (C#)
gsToolkit - a C# library of extension methods that make coding in C# a bit more like Scripting -- Check out my philosophy "Get It Done: Code as if you are Scripting". (C#)
js.js - a JScript library that transforms JScript into a very nice batch scripting language, freeing developers from the need to ever create a .cmd or .bat file, and without needing to install a new language.
SvnReverseProxy - a tool that allows you to use VisualSVN server (subversion), and expose the svn repository thru IIS. I used this on Windows Home Server to get at my source repository from outside my house, over HTTPS://
DllExport- creates a .NET assembly DLL that exposes standard C style function calls which are transparently thunked to static methods in a .NET assembly. This lets you use .NET languages to build DLLs for non-managed applications (like, for plugins, etc.)

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